Credit Card

StagePoint Visa® Credit Card offers a hometown advantage with a worldwide reach.

You're protected if your credit card is lost, stolen, or fraudulently used, online or offline with Visa's Zero Liability guarantee. 

Rates as low as 1.99% APR* Introductory rate for 12 months!  Non-Introductory rates are between 6.74% and 18% APR. *Click for more disclosure information. No Annual Fee! 

Are you carrying a balance on a high-interest credit card at another financial institution? When you open a StagePoint Visa® Credit Card you can transfer balances with NO balance transfer fee!

*Rate stated as Annual Percentage Rate. Rate subject to change depending on credit. The rate could be as high as a 18.00% Annual Percentage Rate. Normal credit granting criteria apply. Some restrictions apply.

Fresh Start Visa® Credit Card

Members who don’t qualify for a credit card account under standard programs have the ability to have a credit card with StagePoint by securing the charges with a deposit at the credit union. Members can use the credit card for purchases, reservations, and car rentals like a traditional card and build credit at the same time!

Contact information for StagePoint Visa® cardholders:

  • Payment Address: P.O.Box 60510, City of Industry, CA 9176-0510
  • Customer Service: (866) 614-0286
  • Report a Lost/Stolen Card or Card Fraud: (866) 614-0286

Additional Features

StagePoint Wallet: Our StagePoint Card Management App allows StagePoint Visa cardholders to check their credit card account balance, manage alerts and controls, turn their card on/off, and report their card lost or stolen – all from one, easy-to-use platform. Download the free app today!  Android or Apple

Credit Card Calculator: Determine how long it will take you to pay off your credit card making only the minimum payment.

Financial Counseling: Schedule a free one-on-one budget meeting with a Certified Credit Union Financial Counselor.

Make Payments: We offer a number of secure and convenient ways for you to make payments.

Online Access: Download the StagePoint Wallet app or click the "More" tab on Home Banking. 

Make a Balance Transfer: Already have a StagePoint Visa® Credit Card? Request a balance transfer with no fee. 

Credit Line Increase: Request a limit increase on your StagePoint Visa® Credit Card. 

Payment Protection: Protect your loan from the unexpected.

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