Truth-in-Savings Fee Schedule

Fees Applicable to All Accounts

Fees apply to all accounts
Fee Type Fee Amount
Dormant Account $25.00 per month
Return Mail $5.00 per month per returned statement
Returned ACH (NSF) $30.00 per item
Return ACH/EFT Origination $30.00 per item
Return Deposit Item $30.00 per item
Excessive Withdrawal $2.00 per item after 6th withdrawal per month from a share account
Balancing and Research $20.00 per hour
Foreign Deposit Item $15.00

Money Market Accounts

Money Market account fees
Fee Type Fee Amount
Minimum Balance $25.00 per occurrence if balance is below $2,500 at any point in the month
Excessive Withdrawal $25.00 per withdrawal after 6th withdrawal per month

Safe Deposit Boxes

Safe deposit box fees
Fee Type Fee Amount
3” x 5” Rental $15.00 per year
3” x 10” Rental $25.00 per year
5” x 10” Rental $35.00 per year
10” x 10” Rental $45.00 per year
Change of Lock $100 per lock
Drilling of Boxes $200.00 per occurrence

Share Draft (Checking) Accounts

Share draft/checking account fees
Fee Type Fee Amount
Draft Printing Depends on Style
Return (NSF) Draft or ACH $30.00 per item
NSF Courtesy Pay $30.00 per item
Stop Payment $15.00 per item
Counter Checks (4 per page) $1.00 per page
Fresh Start Checking Service $5.00 per month
Denied Debit Card Chargeback $25.00 per charge
Replacement Card after 2 per year $10.00 per card
Rushed Replacement Card $50.00 per card

Other Services

Other service fees
Fee Type Fee Amount
Incoming Wires Free to Members
Outgoing Wires or Transfers $25.00 per request
Foreign Wire $50.00 per request
Money Order $1.50 per item
Cashier Check $1.50 per item
Garnishment or Levy $30.00 per occurrence
Skip Payment $35.00 per loan per month skipped
Unclaimed Property Remit $50.00 per remittance
Notary Public Free to Members
Stale Dated Cashier's Check $30.00 per check not cashed within 180 days of issuance

We may report information about your loan or share accounts with credit bureaus as allowed by law. Late payments, missed payments, or other defaults on your accounts may be reflected in your credit report. If a fee is due, and it is not available in the usual and customary account, it will be deducted from any available source under your account number. Fees are subject to change without notice by the Board of Directors. Updated April 2023.

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