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Your new debit card

January 31, 2024

At StagePoint, we are working for you to provide a better debit card. You and authorized users should have received a new Visa® Debit Card that features fast, easy, and secure checkout with the dynamic encryption of a chip card and the latest contactless payment option. If you have not received this card, contact us today by text/call (307) 745-5365 or email

Do NOT destroy your current debit card yet.

BY Tuesday, February 6, Activate the NEW CARD 
You can activate this card now but don't discard your old one. Call the number on the sticker from the primary phone number on your account to activate. To avoid payment interruption, begin using your new debit card by Wednesday, February 7. 

It's Safer, Easier, and Faster.  

 Look for the contactless symbol at participating merchants at checkout, tap your contactless card on the contactless-enabled terminal, and pay in seconds.  

Download the StagePoint Wallet App for Android or Apple to: 

  • Activate your card
  • Place travel notes
  • Report your card lost/stolen
  • Lock/Unlock your card
  • View transactions
  • Use Alerts and Controls to customize your experience
  • Control the location where the card is used
  • Restrict the types of merchants where the card can be accepted
  • Restrict the types of transactions the card is authorized for
  • Set spending limits.


Why am I getting a new StagePoint Debit Card?
All StagePoint debit cardholders are getting a new card with a new number. This new card features:

  • Secure contactless payment
  • Enhanced fraud monitoring and detection
  • StagePoint Wallet app to monitor and manage your card

Will my card number be changing?
Yes. We are transitioning to the newest, most secure payment technology which requires a different card number sequence for both card and CVV numbers. On or after February 7, 2024, be sure to update any service providers and online merchants that bill your debit card (like online shopping, subscription services, or any other recurring bills) with your new card information.

When will I get my new StagePoint Debit Card?
New cards will begin arriving in late January 2024.

What do I need to do when I receive my new card?
Store the card in a secure location until Wednesday, February 7, 2024. Your new card WILL NOT work until this date. Keep using your old card through February 6, 2024.

What do I do with my existing card?
Keep using your old card through Tuesday, February 6, 2024. Your new card WILL NOT work until February 7, 2024. Safely destroy your old card on February 7. Before you begin using your new card activate it by calling 866-985-2273 from the phone number we have on file. 

Will my old card work after February 6, 2024?
No. On Wednesday, February 7, 2024, your old card will no longer work, and you must begin using your new card.

Is my PIN changing?
Your current PIN will not automatically work with the new card. Call 866-985-2273 from the phone number we have on file to activate and set your PIN for this card. You can set this to any 4-digit number you choose, including your current PIN.

Why didn’t I get the design I chose?
All cards were reissued with the green design. If you wish to update the design, you can come to 365 N 3rd St. in Laramie, WY to request a new card to be printed with the design of your choice from our card collection.

Will this change how I pay with my StagePoint Debit Card?
At participating merchants, you can use the Tap to Pay feature by holding your new card over the card terminal for fast, secure payment. You must update any recurring payments, like online shopping, subscription services, or any other recurring bills with your new card information on or after February 7, 2024.

Will I need to update my mobile wallet?
Yes. On or after February 7, 2024, you must replace your old card with your new card in your mobile wallet.

I have the Card Valet app. Will it still work with my new card?
No. Once your new card is active, on or after February 7, 2024, download the StagePoint Wallet app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. StagePoint Wallet allows you to:

  • Lock and unlock your card
  • Receive a notification each time your card is used
  • Control the location where your card can be used
  • Restrict the types of merchants where your card can be used
  • Restrict the types of transactions your card can be used for
  • Set spending limits on your card
  • Report your card Lost or Stolen
  • Update your travel plans

Will Debit Card Rewards be changing?
Yes. Debit Card Rewards, including Cash Back for College, will no longer be offered. Please click for more information on rewards.

What do I do if I don’t receive a new card?
If you haven’t received your new StagePoint Debit Card by February 4, 2024, call or text our Member Contact Center at (307) 745-5365 or send a message through home or mobile banking. New cards cannot be issued in our office until February 7, 2024. On that date, we will create a new card for you. You can request it be mailed or stop by our office at 365 N 3rd St. Laramie, WY 82072 to pick it up.

Our representatives are available to answer questions.  Call or Text (307) 745-5365 Monday through Friday 8 am - 5:30 pm and Saturday 9 am - 1 pm. 

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