Cash Back For College Rewards Form

By submitting this form, the member agrees that the monies in the above-referenced account is designated for expenses incurred at an institution of higher learning. This might include 2 or 4 year institutions, trade and/or technical schools and will also include schools in and out of the state of Wyoming.

Qualified expenses will include tuition, books, fees, room and board.

Deposits may include those made by StagePoint Federal Credit Union as rewards on any debit card (maximum of 5) linked to the Cash for College program and/or any deposits made by third parties on behalf of the deposit holder.

Five cards and cardholders are eligible to be linked to this account and are as follows:

I understand that any withdrawals made from this account will be used for school expenses as described above and are not to be used for personal reasons. Any funds remaining in this account after completion of secondary schooling will be eligible for disbursement for any reason upon notification to StagePoint Federal Credit Union. Upon notification, any further redemption of points will not be eligible for the Cash for College Rewards Program.

I understand that by submitting this form, myself and the above listed that are linked to my account will be automatically enrolled in Cash for College Rewards.

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