People are using the 'S' Word

By ‘S’ word we mean StagePoint is working for you in Steamboat Springs! That’s right: we’re excited to be bringing our top-notch financial services to the Steamboat Springs community so that you can achieve more with your money. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to Switch.

StagePoint’s Ultimate Checking gives you great rewards with every swipe, such as:

 Bonus dividends up to 2.00% APY* on average daily balance

 Earned rewards, such as gift cards, travel activities, and more!

 Use cash back to fund a College Savings Account

Our Ultimate Checking works hard so that you don’t have to. So, join the community that uses the ‘S’ word with excitement, and open an Ultimate Checking Account with StagePoint today!

Switching doesn't have to be a hassle.

We make switching your checking to StagePoint simple with ClickSWITCH! ClickSWITCH is an online portal that makes it easy to move your automated payments and direct deposits to your new account with the click of a mouse. Account information is transferred instantly. It's fully automated, convenient, and takes less than 10 minutes.

*APY states as the Annual Percentage Yield is variable and can change without notice, fees may reduce earnings on the account. 

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